view from my last apartment

great tune

and this video, managed to give me a HUGE smile for some reason.

please enjoy.

Come home when the street lights come on!

Nothing open on Sunday
Garbage pail kids
LOAD “*” , 8, 1
Max Headroom
Car radio buttons that physically moved the dial
TV that changed channels with a knob, and it only had 12 positions, channel 2-13
TV remote controls with wires
Leisure-Suit Larry
Renting a top-loading VCR from the video store
Where’s the beef?
Hypercolour Shirts
Cutting a plastic 45 rpm record out of a magazine
300 baud
“Scrambled” pay-TV
The Green Machine/Big Wheel
Cinemas only playing ONE movie at a time

my G20 experience

first post of my own stuff in over a year!


i will try and keep this as short as possible.

i was an accredited employee of the G20 summit, here in toronto.

however, i wasn’t working for the “main event”, so i wandered around, and took photos of things happening around town during that period. one of the first photos i took, was one of BANKSY’s bits of street art, and was strangely appropriate to the summit :

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relevant to me right now

a friend of mine, who is a writer, just posted this on her blog :

“Ray had cancer. He went through every treatment,
explored every possible way to prolong his life.
He surprised his family and doctors with his strength and
outlived any timeline they ever gave him.
He pushed through the pain to savour what he could of
sunsets, of friends, of weekends at the cottage,
of quiet moments with his partner.

His children braced themselves month after month,
week after week, waiting for the impact –
for the hole they knew Ray would leave in their lives
when he was gone.
They held back tears, hoped only for another day,
never expecting that their father would continue to press on – to
keep battling – for life, for love, for them.

They gave Ray a year. Two passed.
They gave him six months, he kept whistling at eight….”

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this is my worst nightmare – come to life!!!

seriously creepy.


bus fight!



i walked past john malkovich today, and i wanted to walk up to him and tell him how much i loved the part in the movie “being john malkovich” where he goes inside his own head as an outside observer……..

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